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Freshwater Pearl Range

These pieces are made with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals. The pearls are available in many different colours, which are naturally coloured through heat treatment.

Bracelets, necklaces and matching earrings are all available.

Please click on each image to see a larger version

Freshwater pearl 'glacier' necklace Agate, malachite and pearl necklace Freshwater peacock stick pearl necklace Golden petal pearl necklace Angel freshwater stick pearl necklace Freshwater Pearl Necklace Raspberry Petal Pearl Necklace Snowdrop Pearl Cluster Necklace Pink Pearl Cluster Necklace aqua pearl necklace pearl necklace with silver heart charm pearl necklace with silver star charm pearl bracelet pearl bracelet pearl bracelet pearl bracelet pearl earrings pearl necklace pearl necklace

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